Done For Now

All the pieces I mentioned are now posted. More will arrive as they’re written.

But to help you get around, a quick tour. In the menu at the top, you’ll find all my non-writing creations in the Other Projects section. And in the Writing section, you’ll find the following categories:

  1. Collection
    I’d like to develop a collection of pieces that explore the theology of the inhabitants of a world I’ve dabbled in for about a decade. Having no better title at the moment, I refer to this as the collection. Here you’ll find Im, the longest and most recent piece I’ve finished.
  2. Non-Collection
    Everything not part of the collection. Currently this houses the two sub-categories Legacy, which are just unpublished works I pulled out of my archive, and Of Sin Series.
  3. Ideal Sub-creation
    You’ll find nothing here at the moment.
  4. Blog
    I migrated here and will post updates periodically.

Im and the completion of the Of Sin Series prompted the new site. If you read nothing else, I recommend the Of Sin Series.