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After I graduated with a Biblical Counseling degree, a web-startup hired me to manage their viral marketing. Within the first couple months, and after installing the trial version of Photoshop on several computers one after the other, I moved into design.

None of my work was great. With the exception of the onseeker logo (the “sound diamond”), my best stuff incorporated free assets and guides, and much of the original items were frankensteined from group ideas. But I enjoyed getting to learn the tools and to participate in the concept development.

The first site of ours that I worked on was, a MySpace doppelganger for unsigned artists. It offered a bunch of different services.

Once we decided to drop urLabel and develop a mobile app, I designed the website across several iterations. This was the final version, which actually went live.

I designed the sound diamond and overall look of the logo
Other services we imagined