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Space Engineers: Star Destroyer

Space Engineers is kind of like Minecraft, but it’s heavier on 1) space and 2) engineering (go figure). We wanted to make something big, so we made our own Star Destroyer variant.

It really was big. I started by getting what info I could from the Star Wars nerds, then I designed the shape and dimensions on paper so that the end result in-game would be to scale. And while it was a custom variant, I wanted something that was still a Star Destroyer. I believe we even named it.

Back view
Bottom view
Bottom view with thrusters and docking bay
Side view
Side view with thrusters and docking bay
Top view

My brother and a friend helped mine all the resources. I laid out the frame, and then we all started placing and welding blocks into it. After maybe half the shell was done, we went to creative mode because welding was just taking so long.

Note that each block is multiple times the size of your player. It was big. Did I say it was big? You can see the player for scale in some of the images. And the laptop on which I was running the server definitely felt the block-count.

We realized we needed custom thrusters because there was nothing big enough in vanilla or in the mod catalogue, so my brother went to work. The result was the best-looking thruster mod in the entire game.

But like so many of the team projects I’ve been a part of, this one petered out before it was done. These are from after most of the work had stopped.

We had planned to make the guts so that it would have been a functional ship. I started a bridge, and my friend started the engine way down in the middle. But that’s about it. It was fun while it lasted.