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PowerShell Animations: Start-Pacing

In previous animations, my method was more like movie film. I just looped through individual images, so to speak, of some layout of characters. For this, I wanted to dynamically update each character based on what the other characters around it are doing. It’s basically one long array of characters, all updating based on different criteria, like what the character to its top-right is doing, and then outputting at each interval.

It’s a guy walking up a rainy, mountain slope with a forested landscape passing in the distance (for depth). The guy, the rain, and the landscape all move at different paces.

Default parameters

I configured parameters to allow for quicker or slower iterations, more or less precipitation, and even a snow variant.


This was actually the first version. Rain straight down and a guy that just walks back and forth. Updating it to a multi-line version was much more difficult


You can get the PowerShellAnimations module here: GitHub – p01nd3xt3r/PowershellAnimations